Podcast: 2/5 Shipyard Storys at Ceiba

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Episode 2/5: Engineers and woodworkers tell me (Peggy Merkur) about their life in the shipyard, about the background and motivations. January 2022 I was able to take a few days off as a teacher from the High Seas High School (Sailing classroom) in Costa Rica.

More information:

An amazing environmental movement: The world’s largest wooden cargo sailing ship is being built in the mangroves. Millions of dollars are being invested in one of the poorest parts of the world. In a growing community, SailCargo Inc. provides work, shares knowledge and changes the world since 2016.

Thanks to everyone who is changing the world and contributing:
Danielle, Lynx, John, Jeremy, Tara, Xavier, Etta, Russel, Gero, Feraya, Charly, Sophie, Carlos, Alfredo, Russel, Alexandra, Jess and all the workers, volunteers and people who are hospitable and open-hearted.

Working with Mother Earth at heart.


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