Podcast: 5/5 Shipyard Ceiba Welcome To Sail Cargo

Build ships, plant trees. A sailing ship in the jungle. Companies like Sailcargo Inc. inspire an entire generation. True stories of hard work and happiness with passion.

Podcast: 4/5 Astillero Verde – Green Shipyard Ceiba

Now or never. Go through everything with concentration, people who know that they are doing good. January 2022, Astillero Verde, visions are implemented. Even more trees are planted than are needed to build the wooden cargo ship Ceiba. Saving the planet is possible. Details from Alexandra and Tara from Astillero Verde.

Podcast: 1/5 La Ceiba Biggest Sailing Cargo Ship

Podcast English: Millions of dollars are being invested in one of the poorest parts of the world. An amazing environmental movement: The world's largest wooden cargo sailing ship is being built in the mangroves. In a growing community, SailCargo Inc. provides work, shares knowledge and changes the world since 2016.

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