3/5 Flag Ship Ceiba, Work, Life, Business Peggy Merkur

Episode 3/5: Built from the scratch, Ceiba the largest wooden sailing vessel. The amazing way of living and working at the shipyard in the jungele of Costa Rica. Media Manager Jeremy Starn dives in with us. Further information https://www.sailcargo.inc/ https://www.astilleroverde.org/ https://peggymerkur.blog/ Thanks a lot to all the future changers: Danielle, Lynx, John, Jeremy, Tara, Xavier, Etta, Russel, Gero, Feraya, Charly, Sophie, Carlos, Alfredo, Russel, Alexandra and all the workers, volunteers, and people who are welcoming, open-hearted. Working for and with mother earth by heart.
  1. 3/5 Flag Ship Ceiba, Work, Life, Business
  2. 2/5 Shipyard Storys
  3. 1/5 La Ceiba Biggest Sailing Cargo Ship

Geheimnis Schokolade – Schokoladenmanufaktur ChocoDelSol Peggy Merkur – The Green A

  1. Geheimnis Schokolade – Schokoladenmanufaktur ChocoDelSol
  2. Sail Adventures Azores Peter Cafe Sports Bar
  3. Klimasegler – Expedition Segelfrachter Avontuur, Voyage 5, Timbercoast
  4. TEIKEI Coffee – Future with the smell of coffee, Fairtrade, Social, Community Supported
  5. Avontuur, Voyage 5 – Crossing the Atlantic – Life journey, Mother and daughter: sailing for change
  6. Avontuur – Weiterreise statt Abschied – Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft, Corona times,Voyage 5
  7. Tag X, Corona Virus, Voyage 5, Pandemie Corona & Globaler Shut-Down
  8. Avontuur – Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft – Containerschiffe & Sternschnuppen
  9. Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft – 01 Expedition Avontuur Voyage 5
  10. Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft – 02 Fairtrade, TEIKEIolive
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