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5/5 Shipyard Ceiba Welcome To Sail Cargo Peggy Merkur

Support Podcast with a Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/peggymerkur What you do has an impact and you have to decide what kind of impact you are. Stories about hard work and happiness with passion. Building ships, planting trees. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Discover the sustainable shipyard with animals and plants like lizards, monkeys, and mango trees. A shipyard in the jungle. Dreams come true. Companies like Sailcargo Inc. inspire a whole generation. Further information https://www.sailcargo.inc/ https://www.astilleroverde.org/ https://peggymerkur.blog/ Thanks a lot to all the future changers: Danielle, Lynx, John, Jeremy, Tara, Xavier, Etta, Russel, Gero, Feraya, Charly, Sophie, Carlos, Alfredo, Russel, Alexandra and all the workers, volunteers, and people who are welcoming, open-hearted. Working for and with mother earth by heart.
  1. 5/5 Shipyard Ceiba Welcome To Sail Cargo
  2. 4/5 Astillero Verde The Green Shipyard
  3. 3/5 Flag Ship Ceiba, Work, Life, Business
  4. 2/5 Shipyard Storys
  5. 1/5 La Ceiba Biggest Sailing Cargo Ship

Geheimnis Schokolade – Schokoladenmanufaktur ChocoDelSol Peggy Merkur – The Green A

  1. Geheimnis Schokolade – Schokoladenmanufaktur ChocoDelSol
  2. Sail Adventures Azores Peter Cafe Sports Bar
  3. Klimasegler – Expedition Segelfrachter Avontuur, Voyage 5, Timbercoast
  4. TEIKEI Coffee – Future with the smell of coffee, Fairtrade, Social, Community Supported
  5. Avontuur, Voyage 5 – Crossing the Atlantic – Life journey, Mother and daughter: sailing for change
  6. Avontuur – Weiterreise statt Abschied – Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft, Corona times,Voyage 5
  7. Tag X, Corona Virus, Voyage 5, Pandemie Corona & Globaler Shut-Down
  8. Avontuur – Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft – Containerschiffe & Sternschnuppen
  9. Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft – 01 Expedition Avontuur Voyage 5
  10. Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft – 02 Fairtrade, TEIKEIolive

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