Podcast: 4/5 Astillero Verde – Green Shipyard Ceiba

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Trees, wildlife, animals and a philosophy that is changing the planet. Working for the planet with Alexandra and Tara from Astillero Verde.

„You may think you are insignificant. What you do won’t change anything because you’re alone. When each and every one of us does something, it’s not just you anymore and you’re not alone. There are people who care about the earth and want to save the planet. We are the next generation. We are the ones who will save the planet and who will make a difference. We have to start now and we have to start teaching and supporting each other and just keep walking down the path of saving our planet because that’s the only option.“ (Tara Macline)





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Pictures & Podcast: 1/5 La Ceiba Biggest Sailing Cargo Ship

Pictures & Podcast: 2/5 Shipyard Storys at Ceiba

My special thanks to Ulf, High Seas High School teacher 2021 2022. He has been wonderful company and support throughout my travels.

Thanks to everyone who is changing the world and contributing:

Danielle, Lynx, John, Jeremy, Tara, Xavier, Etta, Russel, Gero, Feraya, Charly, Sophie, Carlos, Alfredo, Russel, Alexandra, Jess and all the workers, volunteers and people who are hospitable and open-hearted.

Working with Mother Earth at heart.

Podcast: Spotify, Deezer, Stitcher & iTunes


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