#TheGreenA – Grüner Fortschritt

Video Segelschiff Avontuur

MISSION ZERO Timbercoast Frachtsegel-Projekt. Mit dem Segelschiff: Etappe Europa, Kanaren, Mittelamerika und zurück. Segeln über den Atlantik, einfach purer Genuss von Segel-Kaffee, Kakao, Rum… komm an Bord: Sailing-Cargo-Project. Along Europe, Canary Islands, Central America and back by wind propulsion. Cross the Atlantic, simply, pure enjoyment of sailing (coffee, cocoa, rum) come on board: Waren mit…

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Podcasts – Volunteer (Peggy) needs support. Your support means I can keep on going with the Podcasts. Unique amazing Podcasts. New Podcasts Sailed Cargo: Dreams come true.

Podcast: 4/5 Astillero Verde – Green Shipyard Ceiba

Now or never. Go through everything with concentration, people who know that they are doing good. January 2022, Astillero Verde, visions are implemented. Even more trees are planted than are needed to build the wooden cargo ship Ceiba. Saving the planet is possible. Details from Alexandra and Tara from Astillero Verde.

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