Future with the smell of coffee for FairTradeTown Halle

The trees rustle, sun rays shine between the colorful autumn leaves. At the flag monument, 23.09.20, committed volunteers meet to bring fresh wind, sailed coffee to Halle. The black gold smells wonderfully.
Tailwind and muscle strength. 267 kg of sailed coffee were brought from Leipzig to Halle by cargo bike. Politician Wolfgang Aldag and the committed citizens cycled off with the cargo bike at 10 a.m. in Leipzig (Café Chavalo). Sweaty, after 45 km of track they arrived at 1 p.m. The sailed, raw, still green coffee beans are now waiting for their roasting.
Six months ago, the beans still weighed in the belly of the Avontuur. The oldest cargo sailing vessel in Germany. Through 15 crew members, the second most important global commercial asset from Central America (Nicaragua) was transported to Germany by pure wind power. Under full sail, the Avontuur (Timbercoast shipping company) combines old knowledge and new technology. Low-emission trading routes, without the destruction of our oceans, can and must be rethought and implemented.
Our consumption, can ensure the preservation of the earth, that it is possible, profitable, proves the high demand and the expansion of a merchant fleet under sail. The desire for a healthy environment, biodiversity on land and in the ocean mean advanced thinking. Families around the world who can send their children to school are allowed to receive medical care when there is an urgent need. All this becomes possible by consciously enjoying products, such as the sailed coffee. Fair trade, biological origin and CO2-neutral transport means future.
The summer of 2020 goes down in the history of our FairTradeTown Halle. Despite the global shutdown, Peggy sailed across the Atlantik for seven months, with a clear goal in her heart. Reorienting the sails for Halle. The youth of WaJut, committed citizens and shopkeepers, such as the World Shop, the Bioladen Himmel & Erde, the coffee roastery Roy pulled together.
Our future can be reshaped and better designed.

Who would like to be involved in environmental degradation and family poverty through their coffee enjoyment? None.

This means that the residents of Halle can now also make a decision and drink sailed coffee with a clear conscience from now on.

The student company of WaJut has been taking over social responsibility in Halle for more than 4 years. They serve a pure Fairtrade Buffet to the city councilors at the monthly town council meetings in the town hall and from now on also sailed coffee from Central America.

To celebrate the day, there were two presentations of Peggy's sailing expedition. In pictures and sound, exciting insights into the adventurous journey were given. With applause, new impressions, a friendly smile on the lips and sailed coffee in their luggage, everyone said goodbye in person. Knowing that we are making our contribution:

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world – in fact, this is the only way the world has ever been changed." Margaret Mead

Everyone can and must make a difference. Also with the enjoyment of chocolate, which was also on board of the Avontuur (www.chocodelsol.com).

Thanks to Café Chavalo, Jens Klein, thank you Timbercoast, Cornelius Bockermann, thanks Kaffee-Rösterei Roy. My respect to the Waldorf Verein, which shows again and again that it is possible to do something. Thanks to everyone who drinks good #SegelKaffee and support the path of #MissionZero!

Emotions, backgrounds, everyday ship life, cargo, national borders. Information about the expedition #Voyage5 you can find out in Podcasts #PeggyMerkur.

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Thanks a lot to Katrin Langheinrich (Bioladen Himmel & Erde in Halle/Saale).

One thought on “Zukunft mit Kaffeeduft für FairTradeTown Halle

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  1. Liebe Peggy, immer wieder sind wir fasziniert von deiner Segeltour über den Atlantik und dein Engagement hinsichtlich fairen Handels biologischer Produkte und Co2 freien Transports.
    Während des lock Downs haben mein Mann und ich die Kaffeerösterei Roy entdeckt und kaufen seitdem nur noch dort oder im Bioladen Himmel & Erde unseren Kaffee.

    Leider kam deine Mail zu spät, sonst wären wir zu deinem Vortrag zu den Roys am 23.09.2020 gekommen.
    Aber vielleicht klappt es ein anderes Mal.
    Alles Gute bei allen deinen weiteren Vorhaben, bleib vor allem gesund.
    Liebe Grüße von
    Berit und Ralph Schulze.

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