Onward journey instead of farewell - Corona times

German Podcast: Her goal was to travel through South America - but with Covid 19 (Corona virus) and the associated global shutdown, everything turned out differently. Moni, our youngest female crew member, is now traveling back to Germany. On the fifth trip of Avontuur, our Voyage 5, we have now loaded more than 60 tons of cargo from organic origin and fair trade together. Emotions, backgrounds, everyday ship life, freight, national borders. Background information about our expedition in Corona times.

100 years of Avontuur...

Voyage 5, an expedition full of challenges, unimagined beauty. I am now revisiting old stories from days of clean world trade. Seafarers sailed hundreds of years ago, carried by winds, in harmony with the elements of the sea. I experience a changing world, see blue expanses, swim in the ocean, see dolphins, sharks, whales and dream of a better future, biodiversity instead of extinction, a sense. Float like in a dream, in the cosmos, the universe and sail across the world's oceans in times of global shutdown, closed borders.

Day X, Corona Virus, Voyage 5

"You will no longer find the world as you know it." This message reached us on March 16, 2020, from Cornelius Bockermann (Timbercoast). Three months ago, we launched our sails towards Central America. The world we left in Elsfleth (near Bremen) suddenly became a completely different one. Within a few weeks, our blue planet changed through a global shutdown: pandemic corona.

Minderjährige Geflüchtete Zwischenstation Deutschland

Podcast 002: Minderjährige Geflüchtete - YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Stitcher und iTunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIYw06VTmQI Mittwoch #PeggyMerkur #TheGreenA Geflüchtete Minderjährige zwischen Tod, Ausgrenzung und Zukunft Erzählen konnte nicht jede*r, denn der Schock, die Erlebnisse saßen zu tief. Jeden Morgen blickten mir eine Woche lang freundliche, aber geprägte Gesichter entgegen. Jugendliche, die aus Syrien, Afghanistan oder Afrika geflohen waren.... Continue Reading →

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