Voyage 5 - Sail across 2020

“Conquer yourself to conquer the world.“ (L. Wittgenstein)

Engagement without borders Segel-Kaffee (sailed coffee), Cacao & Partnerships, uniquely network worldwide. Overthinking the future in a new way. With "Avontuur" (adventure), protection & continuity, nature & people. Each one a piece of the puzzle, together we create the earth we are living on.

Radio Corax - At the age of 33, journalist & seminar leader & educator Peggy, whom you may know from the radio show Lesbit (Radio Corax) or her blog Peggy Merkur, set sail on her big sailing trip. Six months with the 100-year-old cargo vessel "Avontuur", across the Atlantic. With a strong crew of 15 from the Central American region, products such as coffee, cocoa, spices, tea, and much more. Sailing emission friendly. transportiert.

Everybody is allowed to make a difference. Also by eating delicious chocolate:

Thanks a lot to all who are working for change: ChocoDelSol, TEIKEI, Café Chavalo, Jens Klein, thank you Christiaan De Beukelaer (Sail Cargo Research), Timbercoast, Cornelius Bockermann, thanks Kaffee-Rösterei Roy, youth of Waldorf Verein. Thanks to everyone who drinks sailed coffee and supports the #MissionZero path!

Emotions, backgrounds, everyday ship life, cargo, national borders. Information about the expedition #Voyage5 you can find out in Podcasts #PeggyMerkur.

Further information:

Christiaan De Beukelaer (Sail Cargo Research)


Katrin Langheinrich (Bioladen Himmel & Erde in Halle/Saale).

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