Podcast: 3/5 Flag Ship Ceiba, Work, Life, Business

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Episode 3/5: Built from scratch, Ceiba, the largest wooden cargo sailing ship. An amazing way to live and work in the shipyard in the Costa Rican jungle. Media Manager Jeremy Starn dives in with us.

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Special thanks to Ulf, teacher of High Seas High School 2021 2022He was a wonderful company and support during my travels.

Thanks a lot to all the future changers:

Danielle, Lynx, John, Jeremy, Tara, Xavier, Etta, Russel, Gero, Feraya, Charly, Sophie, Carlos, Alfredo, Russel, Alexandra, Jess all the workers, volunteers and people who are hospitable and open-hearted.

Working with mother earth by heart.

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