Podcast #Mensch, Peggy Merkur - Transport with wind instead of heavy oil

Podcast: Hashtag-Mensch

HM011| Peggy Merkur – Our Planet Dies!

"This time I am talking to the environmental activist Peggy Merkur from Halle an der Saale. Peggy was in spring 2020 on a sailing vessel, which sailed coffee from the Caribbean to Hamburg, among other things. The special thing about this voyage is that it was completely pointless from the point of view of the modern merchant ship type. A sail freighter has the tiny loading capacity of a nut shell compared to the loading capacities of the usual huge deep-sea freighters. The journey takes an incalculable length, as it depends on wind and weather. And in addition, it takes a lot of deck staff to be able to control the ship and keep it on track. All of this makes the sailed products even more expensive and thus makes them practically alone by transporting them to luxury products. So what's the point of such a tour?
So much is anticipated, it brings a lot! Because it's about to point out whats important. The type of propulsion of today's cargo ships has not undergone any significant innovations for 30-40 years and is extremely harmful to the environment!"
(Auszug #Mensch)

Thanks to Café Chavalo, Jens Klein, thank you Timbercoast, Cornelius Bockermann, thanks Kaffee-Rösterei Roy. My respect to the Waldorf Verein, which shows again and again that it is possible to do something. Thanks to everyone who drinks good #SegelKaffee and support the path of #MissionZero!

Emotions, backgrounds, everyday ship life, cargo, national borders. Information about the expedition #Voyage5 you can find out in Podcasts #PeggyMerkur.

Podcast on #Mensch


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Thanks a lot to Jakob Liese-Held für den Podcast!

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