Experience podcast under sail

By crossing the atlantic my recording device is always with me. So I teached 44 students on their way to the first podcast.
Statements on the podcast-politics-economy experience at sea:

'It makes me feel like I've thought outside the box. Since then I've gotten to know a lot more people.', said Kira, 'you're fully involved in the lesson because you actually talk about the lesson during the lesson.', says Jette, 'the only hurdles are yourself and your laziness. ', Natalia replied, 'Something you don't find in school, no stress learning, but lessons for the first time, where I like to go and learn at the same time (related to Peggys classes)', Milena adds.

The Power Of The Good Ocean
Soon on Spotify & Co: ThePoweroftheGoodOcean_(c)Kira&Natalia

At Peter Café Sport we were warmly welcomed into a lively working atmosphere. It was easy to work with fries, desserts, hot chocolate and soft drinks:


Further information:

guldenleeuw.com our ship
hshs-blog.de our blog

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With joy and always an open heart for new things.

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