Sail - Atlantic Crossing with Avontuur

Seven months cargo by sailing

Artikel MDR (Olga Patlan):

Zukunft wagen neu zu denken. Zusammen formen wir das Bild der Erde.

Peggy was on the way to the first Atlantic crossing of her life just before Covid-19 began. With a love for the environment and a belief in the future of all of us, she shares her experiences, plans a children's book "Chocolate Adventures", continues to work in our society as an educator, leads projects on environmental protection, educates.

During the voyage she experienced the global lock-down, a crew that was not allowed to be changed or disembarked. Traditional work, pure muscle power, braving the stormy winds, full concentration with every move on a sailing vessel. Sea rescue, environmental destruction, the forces of nature and the endless blue expanse of the ocean were part of their experiences, visible and tangible.

Her essence of life: the love of being, the preservation of nature, human dignity, mindfulness in dealing with all living beings, respecting resources. Peggy is convinced that we are "ALL one". Trust, understanding, diversity in harmony with nature and being human, learning together from mistakes and acting with patience, towards growth. It needs cohesion. To set an example for alternative ways of trading, she and the crew are realigning the sails towards a more conscious future, with nature, according to the wind. She doesn't just believe, but actively lends a hand, without any previous experience. Peggy experiences what it means to "sit in a boat together", to grow with each other on a sailing ship. As an environmental activist, moderator, journalist, seminar leader, and nature educator, she knows how infinite the universe is and how finite our short time.

"Avontuur" 100-year-old cargo ship: across the Atlantic, with heart and soul. A crew of 15 sailed coffee, cocoa and rum from Central America to Germany.

May we pay a good price for the preservation of our all future? It's up on you. Your ballot paper: the shopping list. Demands can and must be made of politics and the economy. This means organic and fair production, for the preservation of nature, humane production and cultivation conditions for all. This is how we can and should think and act in future. Together with heart and mind. If Not Now, When?

Each can change something. Also by consuming delicious coffee & cacao.

Thanks a lot to all who are working for change: ChocoDelSol (Schokolade), TEIKEI (Segelkaffee), Café Chavalo (Segel-Kaffee), Jens Klein, thank you Christiaan De Beukelaer (Sail Cargo Research), Timbercoast, Cornelius Bockermann, thanks Kaffee-Rösterei Roy (Segel-Kaffee), die Jugend vom Waldorf Verein. Thanks to everyone who drinks sailed coffee and supports the #MissionZero path!

Emotions, backgrounds, daily life on board, cargo, national borders. You can find out more about the #Voyage5 expedition in the Podcasts #PeggyMerkur.

Further information:

Christiaan De Beukelaer (Sail Cargo Research)


Katrin Langheinrich (Bioladen Himmel & Erde in Halle/Saale).

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