Adventure Chocolate

After finishing in German it'll be translated after 2024 in English, Spanish and more languages. The book 'Adventure Chocolate' is written and designed so that the daily wonders of our time can be shared with a thousandfold enthusiasm. A masterpiece about the journey of cocoa.
Whether big or small, we can all be heroes on this earth!

Peggy Engelmann

At the age of 35 I'm a teacher in cosmopolitan Hamburg. I like to enjoy good coffee and real chocolate that still tastes like cocoa. Until 2019 I worked at the Bund for Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND e.V.). Over the years, after work, my friend Katrin and I made plans to save our planet in her organic food store ('Heaven and Earth'). To find out where the good chocolate comes from, I drove to Hamburg with her in 2019. There I saw 50 volunteers enthusiastically unloading cocoa and coffee from the sailing vessel 'Avontuur'. At the quay wall of the Museumshafen, everyone happily tackled things together. Since 2016, goods from Central America have been unloaded year after year according to old traditions. My heart jumped in amazement and whispered to me: Sail along and report about the journey of cocoa! The foundation was laid, many more people should know that there are modern superheroes. I courageously decided to give up my old life, to sail, to tackle and to report.
My principles: "Always develop your own opinion, always find new perspectives. Think about tomorrow's future. Take what you really need, find solutions. Practice every day and enjoy your being.”.
After all, my magical niece should also be allowed to have a beautiful future.
I plant trees with children and young people, I campaign for insect protection, I keep bees, I have too many hobbies to list them all and of course I also like going to Fridays for Future with the kids.
At the moment I live on the bare necessities, what it takes to survive, have 'little' money, have a loving family, am rich at heart and trust in the good of people.
Short: I'm happy.
On my second seven-month sailing trip, I decided to write the book "Adventure Chocolate". Kasimir, a young artist, was immediately enthusiastic and designs the book with me.

Kasimir Knöfler

I'm 16 years old, a student from colorful Berlin. I have been drawing and painting here since I was little in a wide variety of styles and colors. I got my tablet a few years ago and have been mostly digital ever since. Whether in bed, at school or on the ship, it is simply practical.
Speaking of the ship, because this is where it all started. Unlike the rest of my family, I have always had a strong connection to water. In the summer I mostly swam from morning to night and never missed a big wave to jump into. That's how we once went sailing with my grandparents' friends. With a nutshell in the backwaters of the Baltic Sea. Apparently no one had checked the weather forecast beforehand and so the initially very peaceful journey became quite stormy and we suffered a broken mast. That was my first adventure as a helmsman. It really wasn't easy to get us back to the shore halfway intact. Since then, no one in my family has put a toe on a ship. But sailing got hold of me and after spending three weeks on a gaff ketch (traditional sailing ship) in the summer, I applied straight away for the 'High Seas High School' sailing classroom.
A project in which 44 pupils with teachers and nautical crew travel cross the the Atlantic to the Caribbean. A teacher and also my mentor was Peggy. She taught us the importance of nature, especially the seas, with their sheer infinite powers, for the whole world and also for us humans.
So eco-friendly sailing was always a theme on the ship and was shaped by stories of Peggy's voyage on the 'Avontuur'. I am happy to be part of this project with my art and also my thoughts, which informs and reports about the journey from cocoa to chocolate on a real sailing ship.

Destiny: The book should be finished in two years (08.07.24 - shortly after Kasimir's graduation).
Contemporary: * Produced ecologically * Written in a gender-sensitive manner * Financeable according to the principle of self-empowerment 'Who has, can share' * As many languages as possible, English, Spanish, Italian and whatever the time may bring are planned. * Our work materials are used/sustainable. *

Support is needed: We work in our free time. Following our heart. Zero Payment::
The technology gives up, but we want to keep going. Therefore, for the progress of our work, we need used equipment that is no longer needed.
* 1 x Graphics/Drawing Tablet
* 1x Graphics/Drawing Tablet
Please write us:

Support welcome:
* Editing
* Marketing for the common good – non-profit.
* Financial donations go towards maintaining this platform and our existence.

Book cover Adventure Chocolate ©Kasimir Knöfler

‚Marie loves to dance, to laugh, to jump, higher than a cing,
about the secrets of chocolate she can sing.
Commodity trade and stories of cocoa,
as a little one she knows very well!' (Text by Peggy)

‚Begonnen hat es mit einem Abschied im Wald,
Tante Peggy erklärte: Marie wir sehen uns bald.
Auf ein Segelschiff ist sie gestiegen,
mit einem Gruß im Herzen bei ihr geblieben.

Marie in ihrem Kinderzimmer,
Tippt mit ihrem Zeigefinger,
Auf einen kleinen Ort,
Elsfleth, irgendwo bei Hamburg, dort!‘
(Text by Peggy)

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