Sailing ship Avontuur Atlantic crossing

Adventures with the oldest cargo sailing vessel in Germany "Avontuur", Voyage 5. Expedition for the environment in Corona times (Covid 19).

Radio: 027_FrauenLeben/2020_09_18_1600_FrauenLeben_Avontuur
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pictures Klimasegler Matthias Berg and #PeggyMerkur

Who would like to contribute to environmental degradation and family poverty by enjoying coffee? None.

A project for all generations.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world – in fact, this is the only way the world has ever been changed." Margaret Mead

Everyone can and must make a difference. Also with the enjoyment of chocolate, which was also on board of the Avontuur (

Thank you dear Elke for this wonderful show. Thanks to everyone who is committed to change: ChocoDelSol, TEIKEI, Café Chavalo, Jens Klein, thank you Christiaan De Beukelaer (Sail Cargo Research), Timbercoast, Cornelius Bockermann, thanks Kaffee-Rösterei Roy, youth of Waldorf Verein. Thanks to everyone who drinks sailed coffee and supports the #MissionZero path!

Emotions, backgrounds, everyday ship life, cargo, national borders. Information about the expedition #Voyage5 you can find out in Podcasts #PeggyMerkur.

Further information:

Christiaan De Beukelaer (Sail Cargo Research)


Thanks a lot to Katrin Langheinrich (Bioladen Himmel & Erde in Halle/Saale).

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  1. Liebe Peggy, du hast uns zum Nachdenken und Handeln gebracht um unseren Konsum zu überdenken und zu verändern, unser Umfeld aufzuklären, Deine Idee so zu verbreiten und das die Welt für unsere Kinder lebenswert bleibt!

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