Podcast: Klimasegler – Expedition mit dem Segelfrachter, Voyage 5

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The climate sailor Matthias Berg has been on the Avontuur for over 180 days. Voyage 5, clean sea transport with the Timbercoast, a beacon for environmental protection. This sailing expedition shows what is really important in life.

In a confined space with 14 other crew members, the unpredictable changing winds, rationing, restricted freedom of movement, privacy, little sleep, hardly any free time and the increasingly scarce food in times of the corona crisis. There is a balance to find a measure of things in order to ultimately live happily with our planet instead of against our own livelihood. Our society's attitude towards the use of resources must change significantly. Towards the realization that less consumption does not mean giving up, but more conscious living, more quality and lightness.

In times of climate change, clean sea transportation is an important part of saving our future. The climate sailor is a graduate geographer on a scientific mission and is following in the footsteps of Alexander von Humboldt.

The book is in development and should be published at the end of this year. Publishing rights for this are still to be assigned.

More pictures & information in german: www.klimasegler.de www.klimasegler.de

  • (C) Matthias Berg, Klimasegler




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