Onward journey instead of farewell - Corona times

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Veracruz, Mexico's oldest port during the Corona Virus.

Mit dem Rucksack durch Südamerika war ihr Ziel – doch durch Covid 19 (Corona-Virus) und dem damit verbundenen globalen Shut-Down kam alles ganz anders. Moni, unser jüngstes weibliches Crewmitglied, reist nun wieder zurück nach Deutschland. Auf der fünften Reise der Avontuur, unserer Voyage 5, haben wir inzwischen über 60 Tonnen Fracht aus biologischer Herkunft und fairem Handel gemeinsam verladen.

In her everyday life, Moni is concerned with what she consumes, how much and where the products come from. This way of traveling by ship instead of airplane corresponds to their values. All of her plans were surprisingly discarded. The planned trip around the world is now completely different. Plans are there to change them. To shape a new future with courage and trust.

Emotions, backgrounds, everyday ship life, freight, national borders. You can find out more about our expedition in this podcast with Moni and Peggy Merkur.

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