100 years of Avontuur...

Voyage 5, an expedition full of challenges, unimagined beauty. I am now revisiting old stories from days of clean world trade. Seafarers sailed hundreds of years ago, carried by winds, in harmony with the elements of the sea. I experience a changing world, see blue expanses, swim in the ocean, see dolphins, sharks, whales and dream of a better future, biodiversity instead of extinction, a sense. Float like in a dream, in the cosmos, the universe and sail across the world's oceans in times of global shutdown, closed borders.
The ropes of our sailing ship tug, pulsate. My muscles and tendons vibrate in unison, my vibrating body becomes one with the stars, the sails. And so my love for this earth sprays out with hope into the vastness of this blue giant with delicate and mighty sparks. With confidence I climb the main masts and ropes of our Avontuur with fiery passion. Enjoy the wide horizon. Blazing, red sunrises take my breath away. I pause and merge with the winds. The MissionZero project gives hope for a world with clean trade routes, shows that a vision can and can become reality. Strength of will, backbone for a future with respect, mindfulness and awe for a prudent use of resources, living beings. Building for a tomorrow with biodiversity, clean seas, green forests. Hand in hand we realign our sails. Your Peggy Merkur congratulates on the anniversary 💙

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