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"Treat all men alike. Give them the same law. Give them an even chance to live and grow." Chief Joseph

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TEIKEIolive is active for two years and is directly connected with TEIKEI (Coffee). Students volunteer for fair trade at the highest level. They lay the foundations for a special future based on economy, ecology and social values. The goods transport usually works in one direction and to connect the routes, goods are sailed to Mexico and from there the coffee to Germany. There is a ton of olive oil on the Avontuur. The country of origin is Greece, where farmers suffer from poor pay, unstable market prices and are exposed to the arbitrariness of the market. For a reasonable payment from good products, TEIKEIolive intervenes. Every single person can change something like Jens Klein who proved it with Café Chavalo The young students show that the wind on the world market can blow differently. The goal is to top up 50 tons of sailed olive oil. It's all a matter of rethinking and respecting people and nature, worldwide. Find out how we can change something. Listen and be inspired.

Advantages of fair trade with organic origin:

  • Fair wages. Families can feed their children and send them to school.
  • Long-term trade partnerships based on dialogue, transparency and respect.
  • Support for community projects.
  • Co-determination and improvement of trade relationships, as well as quality improvement.
  • Training and promotion of biological relationships.
  • Promotion of young people, teaching in organic farming.
  • Child labour and forced labour are prohibited.
  • Occupational health and safety rights are observed.
  • Fair minimum prices and additional premiums for community projects (schools, hospitals, etc.).
  • Healthy goods from organic origin mean the highest quality.
  • Preventing the extinction of species, creating and maintaining new habitats.
  • Rebuild and protect plant worlds (addition: wild plants are ecological niches for insects and birds).
  • Appreciate soil and topsoil, renew and maintain it as a valuable foundation.
  • Biological origin means reducing the risk of cancer among producers and consumers and avoiding consequential damage to health (no use of pesticides & chemical agents in cultivation, no harmful spray agents during transport & processing).
  • Organic cultivation means maintaining our food diversity, being allowed to live healthy, saving the soil (for further cultivation & growth), promoting natural resistance (without chemical agents) (the strongest varieties can prevail again) and the species (animals & Plants).

Freight, route & project information: www.timbercoast.com

Coffee: www.cafe-chavalo.de

TEIKEIolive: www.teikei-olive.org

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