Mentor, sailing reporter and 15 years experienced educator. Global learning combined with adventures, workshops and presentations.

Peggy Merkur produces podcasts, radio shows and works as a mentor for teenagers and young adults. Everybody deserves a happy life, sustainable, healthy and solution-oriented.

🔊⛵ Sail, Cargo, Tall Ships & FairTr­ade. #Sail #Sustainability #Shipping #Education #SocialMedia #News #PeggyMerkur

The book 'Adventure Chocolate' is in progress. A masterpiece about the journey of cocoa. A true story and yet so unbelievable. Thousands of kilometers with Power Peggy across the Atlantic.

"It makes me feel like I've thought outside the box. Since then I've learned a lot more..." (student).

Current topics of Peggy’s work. In this Blog you find links, projects and background information. Share and spread good news.

Published content about Peggy's adventures. Radio shows, Magazines, Podcasts, Television.

Mentorin, segelnde Reporterin & seit 15 Jahren Pädagogin. Globales Lernen vereint mit Segelabenteuern, Workshops und Präsentationen.
Dreams come true. All you need is a start. Contact Peggy for Presentations, Podcasts, Workshops or/and personal mentor:


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